Q. What do the initiation and activation fees get applied to?

A. General operations of the club

Q. Can I play golf under the silver membership?

A. Yes, however the greens fee is not included, but you get a 50% discount off the posted green fee.

Q. Which membership allows me to play golf? 

A. All, however, silver does not cover green fees.

Q. Which membership is best for me?

A. Silver- if you play once or twice a month, Ruby- if you play more than twice a month and are not a walker, Gold- if you play more than four times a month and/or are a walker, Platinum- if you play more than eight times a month.

Q. What special do you offer Cheniere employees?

A. As long as Cheniere has their corporate membership active, employees do not pay an initiation or activation fee to join the club, only monthly dues. They must provide their employee badge.

Q. What is the fee for using the club for banquets or events for club members?

A. Club Members receive a 50% Discount on Room Setup Fees.

Q. What hours are the fitness center open? 

A. With a key it is available 24/7 and without a key it is available during regular clubhouse hours.

Q. Are guests allowed in the fitness room?

A. No.

Q. What is the age limit for the fitness room?

A.  Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the fitness center without adult supervision. Children age 14-18 are allowed.

Q. What is the GHIN handicap service and is it required?

A. It is the Texas Golf Association handicap system. A verifiable handicap is required to play in some golf tournaments or any sanctioned amateur tournaments. It is not required for golf membership, but is highly encouraged if you play tournament golf at other locations or in any sanctioned events. The annual cost is $45.

Q. If a member brings a guest, does the member have to pay for the guests? 

A. No.  Guests can pay for their own purchases via cash or credit card.

Q. Can a member make arrangements for guests to use the clubhouse without the member being present? 

A. Yes, but the club member must call the golf shop, tennis shop or restaurant to make the reservations or arrangements. The guest may pay for the purchases or the member can instruct the club to bill it to their account. 

Q. What areas of the club are available for non-members?

A. Non-members can play golf Tuesday-Friday for $58, Saturday & Sunday (only after 10 am) for $75.  Champagne Sunday Brunch is Open to the Public and Club Members recieve a discount on the Brunch price.   Banquet & Event services are available to non-members and arranged through the Sales Office.

Q. What are the rental fees for cart use?

A. $20 for a ruby member, $15 for gold members, $12 per player for 9 holes, $12 for junior cart fees

Q. Can I use my own personal golf cart and pay a trail fee?

A. No, NorthShore does not allow private carts.

Q. Do I get an incentive for referring a new member to the club? 

A. Yes, if you refer a new member to the club you receive one month of free dues.